Here’s a little FAQ to help us

Who are Gracean Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd?

Gracean has a Vision To Create A Network of Prosperity By Leveraging Opportunities in Nigeria and Globally Thru Capacity Building of Our Members

Does Gracean Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd give Loans?

No! Gracean Society has compiled a comprehensive list of FG Entrepreneurship / Cooperatives Empowerment Funding programmes into an easy to read eGuide.

Using this eGuide, members can visit offices, centres to train and apply for the N10million funding.

Does Gracean Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd has its own training?

Yes, Gracean has trainings in

  • Leadership Training
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Informational Product Development
  • Marketing Courses
  • Gracean Enlightened Entrepreneurs Masterclass

Our trainings will start by February 2019. But we are focused on motivating our members to register and undergo the N10million trainig as it is very important and a great capacity building programme.

How Do I Access The N10million Entrepreneurship Training?

It’s very simple. Join Gracean. Download the eGuide. Access Training Centres and Start training then apply for the funding by submiting your bankable business plan.

Why This Gracean Whatsapp Group?

This Whatsapp Group serves as support group to our members undergoing different entrepreneurship programs.

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