Everything You Need to Make a Great Business Plan From Award Winning Business School

Business planning template and examples for a strong business model and business strategy to access Federal Government Funding and Grow your business ideas.

What You will Learn

  • Create an incredible business plan from scratch.
  • Write your business plan that contains winning business strategies
  • Create a strong business model for businesses like: Piggery, Poultry, Cassava Farming, Recycling, Bakery, and ICT start-ups
  • Step-by-step guidance for writing section of a business plan
  • Get personal help from the instructor and become a part of my student community
  • Evaluate your target market: Is it big enough? Is it lucrative enough?
  • Identify and profit from choosing the most effective monetization strategy for your business
  • Master business planning concepts like the cash flow statement, lifetime customer value, and unit economics

Save N50,000 by not having to hire a business plan consultant to write your business plan for you.

Course Outline

Executive Summary

1.0 Business Overview –Description of the Business –Vision And Mission –Value proposition –Critical Success Factor –Current Status Of Business –Business Environment and Description Of Business Industry –Contribution To Local Economy –Environmental Impact Consideration

2.0 Marketing Plan –Description Of Product –Product Packaging And Delivery –The Opportunity –Pricing Strategy –Target Market –Distribution Strategy –Promotion Strategy –Competition Revenue Estimates

3.0  Production/Operation Plan –Description Of Location –Raw Material/ Consumables –Production Equipment –production Process –Production Cost –Stock Control process –Preliminary Expenses –Production Plan

4.0  Organisational And Management Plan –Ownership Of The Business –Profile Of The Entrepreneur –Key Management Staff –Details Of Salary Schedule

5.0  Financial Plan –Financial Assumptions –Start-Up Capital (Project Cost) –Financing Plan –Security For Loan –Loan Repayment Plan

6.0  Business Industry Risk And Mitigating   Factor –  Business Risks

7.0   Financial Projections   –   Projected Income Statement –   Projected Cash Flow

8.0  Profitability and Viability Analysis

9.0  Justification and Conclusion


Monthly Cost of Material Inputs I
Monthly Operating Expenses II
Monthly Sales Forecast III
Monthly Profit and Loss Plan IV
Monthly Cash Flow Plan V


  • You must be dedicated and committed
  • You must create time for the programme
  • You must be ready to seize Opportunities or Create them
  • You must be ready to invest money

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

If you meet the criteria above and confident you are ready to proceed, then follow these steps.

Here’s how the process works:

First, You will need to make an investment of N10,000. This is a PROMO price and will go back to N20,000 Pay Now

The Registration is a “filter” to keep the time-wasters at bay.

Here’s What Will Happen After That.

Once I have your “I’m Serious” deposit and your application, You will get a downloadable copy of our eGuide. See picture below.

In this eGuide, Gracean Society has compiled a comprehensive list of Federal Government Entrepreneurship / Cooperatives Empowerment Funding programmes into an easy to read eGuide.

Using this eGuide, members can visit the disbursing offices, training centres to train, SUBMIT THEIR BANKABLE BUSINESS PLAN and apply for the N10million funding.

You will also have access to Gracean Business Plan Writing MasterClass.


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Account Number: 0107586592 |
Bank: Diamond Bank


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